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Team Strategy Inc. is a full service Homeowner Association HOA and Real Asset Property Management Company. Under it's "Four Pillar Philosophy" of management (Financial, Legal, Property, and Technology), Team Strategy is uniquely positioned to provide low cost, value-driven, in-house and on-site services to its clients that is unmatched in the Homeowner Association HOA and Real Asset Property Management arena. Team Strategy services homeowner, community, condominium, commercial, townhome, and neighborhood associations of all sizes. Contact Team Strategy Inc. for a "FREE" no-cost analysis and evaluation.

Financial Services


  • Accounting Liaision

  • Budgeting

  • Capital Accumulation/Preservation

  • Financial Advisory Services

  • Risk Management/Insurance Liaison

  • Registered Investment Advisors

  • Crowd Funding Strategies

  • Angel Investing Information

Legal Services


  • Association Governance

  • Association Research

  • Legal Liaison Services

  • Property Research

  • Lexis/Nexis Research

  • Lois Law Research

  • Expert Witness Services

Property Services


  • Association Management

  • HOA Management

  • Real Asset Property Management

  • Real Property Management Services

  • Real Asset Property Preservation

  • Capital Reserve Inventory Analysis

Technology Services


  • Association Websites

  • Small Business Websites

  • Website Hosting

  • Domain Name Acquisition/ Registration

  • SEO Services

  • Cloud Services

  • Google Analytics Implementation

  • Office 365 Installation/Migration

  • Microsoft Business Partner

Southern Colorado Chapter of CAI
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